Volume 1 Letter 103


From: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib

To: Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib

Date: 11 th Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak 1388/1 st December 1968


Best wishes are extended to one another. This lowly one arrived safely at 1o’clock on Monday at the masjid in the New Building. My two honourable companions also arrived safely. I write to inform you that I have presently greeted Hazrat Sahib; he requested we sit close to him and for the longest time enquired as regard to your health and well-being. Of late Hazrat has singled you out for his special attention. The illness and injury will become a means to your progress and advancement, inshallah.

Truthfully, and this is not to indulge you in any way, in my four-year sojourn here, I have never seen Hazrat give so much consideration to any issue than his concern for you at this time. I have hastily written these few lines to determine your well-being, kindly inform me as to your health, I will be waiting most anxiously. What more can I write?

Kindly send the warm trouser in your possession to the tailor to tighten for me, as it is a little too wide, and send it with someone coming here, the one I have is unsuitable, inshallah that one should be a better fit. Convey my salutations to Chothi Khala and Bhabhi. I kindly request prayers from the aforementioned and yourself. This lowly one prays for you more or less all the time. May the Sovereign Lord restore your health and strength, may he cause you to become a truthful minister of his religion. Many of your friends have requested me to convey their own salutations.

That is all. Salaam

Most Contemptible Slave Abdur-Raheem

Monday 11 th Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak

From: Unknown


Most honourable friend Yusuf Sahib

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

One and all are concerned as to your well-being; prayers continue to be said on your behalf. For your worldly tribulations, may the Creator grant you a congruous reward and upon acceptance make it a means of guidance for the Muslim Ummah. I beseech you not to forget me, your friends, and your near and dear ones in your prayers. Convey my salutations to Khala Sahiba, your wife and Molvi Abdur-Raheem Sahib.

That is all. Humble.......

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