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A memorable letter:

On 7 th December 1970 , Hazrat Sheikh Zakariya sent a letter to Moulana Abdur-Raheem Sahib within which he enclosed a document, he wrote:

‘Dear Abdur-Raheem for your pleasure I am enclosing an extraordinary thing. It is a letter from the first person who requested from this unworthy one to take his bay'at (pledge), and you know very well…..'

This letter is the one which he wrote to his uncle Moulana Ilyas Sahib upon the above-mentioned request to take bay'at from a Bangladeshi student from Mazahir-ul-Uloom Saharanpur , who had graduated the previous year; his name was Moulana Abdus-Saboor bin Haji Sharfuddin.

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakariya Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: The Founder of Tabligh Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Sahib (May Almighty Allah have mercy on him)

Date: 1346 / 1926

Dear Uncle

Asalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah

Alhamdulillah I am in good health. Some days ago I sent a detailed letter which I hope you received. The main reason for writing today is regarding a strange incident in its own right. Not only am I astonished and troubled, but I am very worried due to which I am finding it hard to contain myself. Alas, if I cannot confide in you then who else?

Today a student from the Madrasah, who graduated last year, came to me and after a lengthy introduction he apprehensively related a long story, the essence of which pertained to his longing to give bay'at. He relates: ‘I wanted to give bay'at to someone for nearly a year, and with this concern I went to Thana Bhawan, but my heart did not connect there. Before and during Ramadhan I had seen numerous dreams in which I was told to ask Zakariya'. I did not listen to all the dreams; suffice to say that from this you would have understood the purpose. After listening to his narrative I was taken aback and sat there in a state of shock.

Molvi Ji! I need not exaggerate, truthfully, from that moment and ever since I have wanted to come to Nizamuddin personally, but what good would that do? Anyhow, I told him ‘You know me, I'm not of that disposition, I am a sociable and humorous person', but my wit only increased his apprehension. So I refrained from further witticism. In addition he relates that it was always his intention ever since he arrived, but he could not bring himself to come forward.

Molvi Ji! In relation to this issue what more can I write, I am extremely perplexed. Ya Allah what judgement will come to pass. Molvi Ji! What distresses me most is that I cannot categorically refuse the bay'at out of fear of Hazrat (Moulana Khaleel Ahmed Saharanpuri). The reason of my fear is that on one occasion a few years ago while leaving for a journey Hazrat requested me to teach Bukhari Sharif in his stead. I thought how a young lad like me could ever take Hazrat's classes. I thought it inappropriate and accordingly declined. This displeased him greatly and he became very angry with me, anyway it's a long story. This incident with Hazrat has put me in a real dilemma.

I am not asking you about how I should proceed in this matter, however, what I do want to ask you is that if I flatly refuse to take his bay'at, which is what I want to do, will this displease Hazrat?, I don't have the courage to write to Hazrat. Ya Allah! What should I do?

I request a swift response and for that reason I have enclosed a pre-paid envelope so you are not delayed. He (Abdus-Saboor) tells me he has become a teacher at some place and plans are being made for him to travel there.

I have not written Salaam for Auntie Ji deliberately so she does not ask you what else I have written.

Kindly return this letter.

That is all, Salaam

Zakariya, Saharanpur

Wednesday [1346]


Hazrat Moulana Ilyas Sahib responded by appending his reply to the above mentioned letter.

Reply: Hazrat Moulana Ilyas Sahib replied to the letter with the following:

There is great latent power in the instructions of the pious, you should never refuse. Carry it out with the intention of obeying an order, focusing on the weight of the instruction and observing due courtesy; always consider yourself wholly unworthy in the face of such a sublime duty. This is the custom.


Humble Servant Muhammad Ilyas


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