The World or the Hereafter? You Choose

The population of the Muslims today is approximately one and a half billion. Now let us ask ourselves, how many are Muslims by name? How many by action? And how many are in between?

If we meditate on the situation of the present day Muslims, we come to a conclusion, that amount of people who are practising Islam the way it should be practised, are very few indeed. There are very few who live their 24-hour daily life, following the way our Holy Prophet Allah's peace and blessings be upon him spent his 24-hour daily life, and there are only a minority of people who strive towards the right path. There are very few who try to dress the way the Prophet Allah's peace and blessings be upon him dressed, keep his hair the way the Prophet Allah's peace and blessings be upon him did so. Walk the way he did, talk the way he did, smile the way he did, ate the way he did, and try to imitate the Prophet Allah's peace and blessings be upon him in every action to the best of his abilities.

If we ponder upon the root cause of all this we come to a conclusion that there's only one answer to that, and this answer has been given to us by our beloved Prophet Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. He has stated that a day will come, and even though the Muslims will be great in number, they will be like the foam which is on the top of rivers. In whatever direction the river will flow, that is the direction in which the foam will flow. That is the exact situation in which the Muslims are in today. They are going in the same direction the world is going in. The world shaves its beards, so do the people who have the Kalima in their hearts. The world wears its trousers below their ankles, so do the people of the Kalima follow them. The world wants to keep funky hair styles, so the Muslims follow them.

Dear fellow Muslims! Wake up. These three sins have become the most common amongst the youth of today. We take these sins very lightly, when in fact, these are such sins which a person gets every second, that while he is involved in it, he is doing a bad deed, which he will be punished for on the Day of Judgement (Allah forbid). So as long as a person keeps his trouser under his ankles, his beard shaven or his hair uneven, he continuously gets ghunnah (sin), until he raises his trousers up, he makes intention of keeping a beard, and making his hair even. Imagine dying in this state!

The Holy Prophet Allah's peace and blessings be upon him mentioned that the reason for this is that the hearts of the Muslims will be filled with the love of the world and hatred and fright of death. This mean that a person will do anything just so that he can earn money and buy the things that he desires, even if it means that he would have to shave his beard, so that he may get the job he wants, or even if it means missing Salaat. No matter what it would be, he would be ready to do anything just to earn some pounds. How foolish is this person? Does he not know that he is giving up paradise for this worldly life!

Don't get me wrong, this does not mean that you shouldn't work, but actually, working and earning money the right way, and thereafter spending it on your family is part of Islam, and a person is rewarded for doing so, if he has his intention correct. But if a person has to shave his beard, or wear his trousers under the ankles, or miss his Salaat just so that he can get a job, then that would be wrong.

So what is the cause of the Love of the world and fear of Death? The answer is disconnecting from religion, by not frequenting the Masjids, by not adapting the company of the followers of the Sunnah, by not having the desire of learning the knowledge of Islam, and by sitting in front of the television set and viewing things which are not permitted to be viewed.

The typical life of a Muslim youth is that he attends school in the day, returns from school, and flicks on the television set, and this is how they are brought up. The first twelve years or so of their life is brought up amidst the culture of the ones who shave off their beards, the ones who wear such clothes, who reveal their body parts. Ones who spend day and night in the first few decades of their lives in educational establishments, the middle decades earning money, and loosing it all on the weekends in ‘pubbing, clubbing and blinging', and in their last decade or so, they reluctantly retire from such lifestyles until they pass away. So what kind of effect will this environment have on a Muslim child whose household has also adopted the Modern way of life? Obviously, the effect will be negative.

How lucky are those who have understood that they are going to die and have understood the way a day in the life of a Muslim is supposed to be spent, and how lucky are those people whose parents have sent them to Islamic environments and have tried their best to save them from the traditions and cultures of bing drinking and moral degregation.

In conclusion to this my dear respected readers, if you are also trapped in this world and have adopted the Modern style of living, then get connected to Islam, by frequenting the Masajid, getting to know the followers of the Sunnah, so that you may also begin to live your lives, the way your creator wants you too. If he is a true follower of the Sunnah, he will show kindness towards you and will open up his heart to you, as long as you are thirsty, he will try his best to quench that thirst for you. The best thing which you can do if you are a student, is try to go out in the peaceful path of Allah in the holidays for ten days or at least three days, and invite your friends along with you because your life's journey in this tempoary World may end sooner than you think, your eternal Hearafter life may begin instantly and your provisions are limited your good deeds with Allah's mercy.

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