The AIDS Menace

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When Almighty Allah created man as His deputy on earth, He commanded the Angels to prostrate for this new creature, as a clear indication of man's superiority in rank and purpose. But behold, in order to maintain this position of superiority, man has to adhere to the commandments of the Almighty, failure of which would certainly evoke His wrath. We are all familiar with the stories of the likes of the people of Hazrat Nuh (Prophet Noah) and Hazrat Lut (Prophet Lot) (Alayhimus-Salaam, Peace be upon
them) which have been recorded in the Holy Quraan for us to take heed but, alas, we do not.

They say history repeats itself, we are inclined to agree with that because our situation is no different
from that of our predecessors. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) has
warned us when he said: "Whenever a sinful act becomes so common among a people, that it is
practised in public, Allah sends to such a people epidemics that were not experienced by their

Humanity is today at the lowest ebb of moral decay. Sins such as adultery, fornication,
homosexuality and bestiality are the highlights of the so-called modern culture, under the category of
personal liberties (please note that the current law of the land should be abided by individuals and upheld by Authorities). Consequently, we are now faced with such problems as unwanted pregnancies,
infanticide, venereal diseases and AIDS, the worst catastrophe man has ever faced throughout human
history. Sometimes it has spread due to unhygienic conditions and accidental incidents, but in the main it
has spread by sinful acts such as Adultery, Fornication, Non-Natural Relationships. This article
addresses the main stream cause for the spread of AIDS. Defined as Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome, and caused by the HIV virus, which attacks the immune system. AIDS has swept around
the world at an alarming rate, leaving behind a massive tidal wave of misery, disgrace and destruction,
threatening the very existence of man.

Despite substantial funding set aside for extensive research, no cure or vaccine is envisaged in the
coming decade - Some say there might not be a cure at all.

Solutions and contingent measures are being put forward through the massive Anti-Aids campaign
which include the use of condoms and having a life-long mutual partner.

But brothers and sisters, Islam is the Solution. It has prohibited pre-marital and extra-marital sexual
relations, without denying man the need for sexual fulfilment through lawful marriage that has been
made easy and affordable.

As a preventive measure against sexual evils, Islam has prohibited the intermingling of sexes and
prescribed a loose and decent dress, after it strictly instructed man to guard their modesty.

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