Our dilemma
The solution
The honest guide - the Propher (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)

As we can see in today’s society that mankind is revolting against each other and that conflict is erupting in every nation, tribe and religion especially within the Islamic world. It has come to such an extent that war is breaking out between brothers and sisters, fathers and sons, and between husband and wife.

The question arises why and how this great corruption started and what will become of the Muslim nation within the next decade.

The main reason is the lack of obedience to Allah s.t and his beloved Prophet s.w to whom we owe are lives.

Mankind has learnt how to fly in the sky like a bird, how to swim in the vast ocean like a fish but has not learnt how to walk on the earth like a human being.


This way of life was correctly taught to us by the prophet s.w himself. If we had followed his every footstep we would not be in the condition we are in now.

As it has been narrated in the holy tradition: -
Believers are like a single person; if his eye is in pain then his whole body pains, and if his head is in pain then his whole body pains.

This is how the Muslim nation should be today, that even if one soul is inflicted with calamity then every believer should feel that pain and should not rest until it has been cured. The perfect example of this is that of a mother whos young child has a stomach ache and who is in pain throughout the day, and that mother takes so much care of her child that it seems that the mother is experiencing more grief than the child.

Likewise, we can notice throughout the globe that many Muslims are in hardship, who need a helping hand, but their tears dry out because there is nobody who wants to answer their crying plea.


Today the Muslim nation is being torn apart and great conflict exists between the believers, I would think it is relevant to a few more holy traditions regarding unity:

1) A true believer is he from whose mouth and hand other believers stay safe
2) A true beleiver is he whom people trust with their lives and stay safe
3) The creation is Allah's household and the most beloved of the creation of Allah is the one who is good to his household.

In the first hadith the two greatest instrument have been mentioned, the mouth and the hand. In the hadith the mouth has been given priority over the hand which means that the mouth can cause greatest harm, corruption and conflict than the hand. The damage of the hand can be cured but the damage of the tongue engraves the heart which is the most fragile part of the body. Therefore, the damage of the tongue is very difficult to remove. And this hadith totally contradicts the English saying, ''Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never heart you''


So being a Muslim, a follower of the Frophet (S.A.W) we should try and act upon every hadith as mush as we can and try to live like a true Muslim by not offending anyone however it may be, and try to forgive all the wrong which is done to us, we need to be  following the Prophet (S.A.W) and his guiding stars, the Sahabas in every foot step.

Allah give us all the ability, Ameen.


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