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Download The Holy Qur'an - Recital and Rehearsal MP3 and M3U files

Arabic Recitation with synchronised practise intervals after each verse

Each Ayat of every Surah of the Holy Quran has been individually saved as an MP3 file (Audio) and paired with a silent mp3 file of the same duration. This enables listeners to rehearse reading the arabic text of the aayah or its recitation from memory; digital support for practising Naazirah or Hifz. You can identify any Ayat, Ruku, Quarter, Surah or Juz simply by its filename (see release note below). All mp3 files are saved in a surah folder however since some mp3 players can only recognise a maximum of 99 folders Surahs 98-114 (last quarter of Juz 30) have been collated together.

Release Note: R1.0 updated with link to free download of GSPlayer (supports m3u playlists on mobile devices)

  1. Some mp3 players have import functions to convert mp3 and m3u files (playlist) to their bespoke format. For example some Mp3 players on mobile phones create m3u files created from all mp3 files found on a data card. They cannot read m3u files created externally.
  2. Some mp3 players do not recognise mp3 playlists (m3u) or cannot read playlists with more than 99 entries; selecting a Surah folder however will still allow playback of the whole surah in the correct order.
  3. An mp3 CD is a data cd consisting of mp3 files and/or m3u files.
  4. We have created a playlist (m3u) for each Surah and each Ruku both within the Surah folders and in separate playlist folders, for example:
    • Surah095\EchoS095.m3u (A playlist within the Surah095 folder that plays the whole of Surah 95)
    • Surah079\ES079R02.m3u (A playlist within the Surah079 folder that plays just Ruku 2 of Surah 97)
    • PlayJuz\Juz03.m3u (A playlist within the separate PlayJuz folder that plays the whole of Juz 3)
    • PlayJuzQ\Juz02Q3.m3u (A playlist within the separate PlayJuzQ folder that plays just the 3rd quarter of Juz 3)
    • PlayRuku\S002R05.m3u (A playlist within the separate PlayRuku folder that plays just Ruku 5 of Surah 2)
    • PlaySurah\Surah014.m3u (A playlist within the separate PlaySurah folder folder that plays the whole of Surah 14)
  5. Other than the downloadable MP3 files below you can also play the Recital and Rehearsal Audio files on-line in RealAudio format.
  6. Ensure crossfade/fade/supress zero or any silence removal options are not selected where those options exists in the mp3/m3u player otherwise playback will be truncated and intervals deleted. The mp3/m3u player called GSPlayer is free to download and by default has all the right options selected for mobile devices.
  7. Each Aayat is named using the notation:

<Para Number><Para Quarter Number><Surah Number><Ruku Number in Surah><Ayat Number in Surah>_<Recitation(C) or Without volume(W)>

P01Q2S002R06A054_C.mp3 is the recitation of an Aayah which happens to be in the 2nd Quarter of the 1st Juz/Para; is 54th Aayat of the Second Surah and which happens to be in the 6th Ruku of that Surah. P01Q2S002R06A054_W.mp3 would be it's matching silent interval of the same duration.

System Requirements: You will need 495MB of free space and a suitable mp3 player (for mobile devices GSPlayer is free to download and by default has all the right options selected).You will not need an Internet connection once installed.

Installation Instructions:

Download and extract/copy the Surah zip files below to a laptop/PC, mobile, or mp3 players. Download, extract/copy all or any number of the 4 playlist folders to the same location containing the extracted Surah folders. NOTE you may not be able to extract directly to a mobile device so first extract to some location on your computer and then copy the extracted folder and file to the required folder on your mobile, PDA or portable device.


108 Kb
4609 Kb
1224 Kb
1155 Kb


22916 Kb
4062 Kb
1057 Kb
918 Kb


14682 Kb
4818 Kb
1211 Kb
894 Kb


15270 Kb
3413 Kb
1222 Kb
856 Kb


11481 Kb
2910 Kb
1492 Kb
684 Kb


10918 Kb
1789 Kb
1754 Kb
471 Kb


12147 Kb
1274 Kb
2373 Kb
368 Kb


4897 Kb
4736 Kb
1709 Kb
806 Kb


9049 Kb
3010 Kb
1646 Kb
516 Kb


7170 Kb
2824 Kb
1365 Kb
509 Kb


7981 Kb
2667 Kb
768 Kb
310 Kb


7531 Kb
3541 Kb
604 Kb
344 Kb


2991 Kb
2832 Kb
659 Kb
422 Kb


2997 Kb
4163 Kb
834 Kb
635 Kb


2344 Kb
4064 Kb
1053 Kb
370 Kb


6060 Kb
2724 Kb
994 Kb
276 Kb


5242 Kb
2873 Kb
1154 Kb
363 Kb


5625 Kb
2894 Kb
1192 Kb
197 Kb


3488 Kb
1229 Kb
1156 Kb
123 Kb


4515 Kb
1621 Kb
952 Kb
157 Kb


4718 Kb
1937 Kb
964 Kb
323 Kb


4649 Kb
1725 Kb
1090 Kb
136 Kb


3794 Kb
1890 Kb
801 Kb
2229 Kb


4900 Kb
1230 Kb
1103 Kb


3001 Kb
1169 Kb
701 Kb


32 Kb
46 Kb
111 Kb
45 Kb

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