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Khatme-Bukhari Darul-Uloom & Madinatul-Uloom Graduation Ceremony 2002

Virtues of the Holy Quran
Maulana Ahmad Patas

Remembrance of Death
Maulana Khalil Kazi

Response to Evil: Anger or Mercy
Maulana Imran Mogra

When the soul is taken out - Remembrance of Death
Maulana Abdur Raheem Sahib

Hadeeth and its Preservation
Maulana Ashraf Patel

Dope! - Intoxicants
Shaykh Ahmad Ali

Completion of Sahih Bukhari Arabic and Urdu
Shaykh Abdur Rahim Motala Sahib

Advise and Final Dua in Urdu
Shaykh Talha Sahib

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