Salah the key to success

Once in the time of the great scholar imam Abu Hanifa a person hid his wealth into the midst of a forest. After a certain time of period of his life due to a necessity he went looking for his wealth but he could not find it. He could not find the wealth due to the fact that it had been a along time since he could not recover the place where he had hid it. Therefore, the needy man went to Imam Abu Hanifa and the Imam Saheb said, “Sorry but I can't help you I am a jurist not a fortune teller but the man insisted for some help. Imam Abu Hanifa agreed and told the person to pray salah for the whole night. Therefore, the man went back to his house and started pray his salah and as soon as he started to pray his salah, the place of the wealth came to his mind. Because he was interested about his wealth, he broke his salah and went towards the wealth. The following day he went to Imam Saheb and told him what happened last night. After hearing the story, Imam Saheb replied, “I knew that Satan would not let you pray salah all night” and told him that he should have finished the salah.

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