Hadith: Miswaak cleanses the mouth and pleases the lord.

From this Hadith it is clear that the use of Miswaak is very simple and an easy method of gaining Allah Taa'la's pleasure. All you need to do is use a little piece of wood in a certain preferable manner of certain preferable times and you can gain Allah Taa'la's pleasure.

There are different types of Miswaak which are sunnat to use:

The Miswaak should at least be a span long and ideally no thinner than the little finger. To use a Miswaak, wet it then use side ways on the teeth and down the length of the tongue. There are certain times when it is sunnat to use the Miswaak:

There has been mentioned of over 80 benefits from the use of Miswaak. Here are just a few listed to make the reader feel the need to use the Miswaak:

With the constant use of a Miswaak, the above benefits can be achieved, not to mention numerous other benefits and rewards. So we should all make an earnest effort that Allah Taa'la gives us the capability to use the Miswaak according to the Sunnat at Sunnat times to double our reward.

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