Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq's 

When Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq  was made caliph, he delivered a khutba before the people. In it, after describing Allah's praise and laudation, he said: -"0 People! I have been appointed the amir of your caravan though I am not better than you are. If I work properly, help me and if I do not work well, correct me. Truthfulness is a deposit and falsehood is defalcation. The weak amongst you is strong in my sight. I will surely try to remove his pain and suffering. And the strong amongst you is weak to me I will - Allah willing - realise the right from him fully....When obscene things spread among any nation, calamities generally continued to descend upon them. As long as I obey Allah and His messenger, you should obey me, and if I do not obey Allah and His messenger, then obedience to me is not incumbent upon you. (Now prepare for prayer)." 

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